Recommended   Can be served hot
Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea

A locally-upgraded version of the Original Milk Tea, now with brown sugar! Combined with the irresistible chew of pearls and the rich, toffee-like flavor of brown sugar, this drink is unforgettable.

Original Pearl Milk Tea

The Original Pearl Milk Tea tops the chart as the most famous type of milk tea in the world. A must-try for everyone!

Classic Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly

Soft and silky smooth, from the taste of the tea to the toppings themselves. We recommend this mild milk tea for first-timers who are ready to fall in love with the world of tea!

Hazelnut Milk Tea

Truly classic and undeniably nutty, all in favor of hazelnuts will take joy in this beverage for its well-balanced flavours.

Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea

The full grains of Japanese Tokachi redbeans are paired with our pearls in this milk tea to make one very enjoyable drink.

Malty Milk Tea (Horlicks)

This milky concoction promotes signature malt Horlicks flavours with the smoothness of milk tea.

Milk Tea (Signature/Original/Classic Roasted)

Go au naturale and stick to the original by opting for no toppings at all! Choose from either signature, original or classic roasted tea blends to enjoy different tea profiles.

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